Cedant arma togae


Civil law

  • legal consultancy regarding agreements
  • preparing drafts and negotiating agreements
  • conducting cases relating to civil liability and claiming damages
  • representing Clients in cases from the area of civil law in Court as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings

Commercial law

  • establishing companies and business activities
  • on-going service for companies and business activities
  • preparing and supporting meetings of companies’ bodies
  • preparing draft agreements or statutes as well as rules and regulations of companies
  • applying for changes in the register of entrepreneurs in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • organisation of general meetings/meetings of shareholders
  • settling disputes between shareholders
  • legal consultancy and legal representation
  • liquidation and bankruptcy of companies
  • collection of debts and pursuing claims
  • representation in executive proceedings
  • representation in electronic proceedings

Labour law

  • legal consultancy regarding employment
  • preparing and negotiating agreements as well as rules and regulations of work
  • representing Clients in the pursuing of claims in the area of labour law

Public procurement law

  • consultancy for ordering parties and contractors
  • representing Clients in procurement proceedings as well as in Court and in the National Appeal Chamber

Bankruptcy law

  • representing Clients in bankruptcy proceedings

Real estate

  • representing Clients in real estate purchase and sale transactions as well as in organising its legal state
  • conducting cases relating to the decree on the nationalisation of real estate in Warsaw

Intellectual property law

  • providing legal help in all matters in the area of industrial property and copyright

Inheritance law

  • conducting cases relating to the ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance

Competition and consumer protection law

  • consultancy in the area of preventing acts of unfair competition and breaches of consumers’ laws
  • consultancy in the area of control of compliance of model agreements, including rules and regulations, with consumer law
  • conducting cases in the area of unfair competition